Arno Barthelmes

As an established family company, Arno Barthelmes & Co. GmbH started specialising in the manufacture of particularly high quality tuning forks back in 1884. Today, they produce tuning forks for medical purposes, for test in schools, for bell testing and other areas of application. Arno Barthelmes & Co. GmbH offers a complete range of tuning forks for a very broad range of tasks. They will also gladly undertake customised production runs to meet your requirements.

The location offers many unique advantages, as Tuttlingen is renowned as the world centre for medical technology and surgical instruments. The production operation has the benefit of experienced staff, ultra-modern CNC machines and the most precise measuring technology.

All instruments produced by the company are made from special high quality materials, which are optimally suited to the respective application. Each tuning fork is tuned and checked by hand, because quality, longevity and reliable service are of paramount important to us.