LR Instruments

LR Instruments is a wholesale distributor and supplies medical products to the Australian and New Zealand medical markets. Sourcing the highest quality medical and surgical instruments from manufacturers worldwide, LR Instruments has been in operation for over 32 years and supplies in excess of 27,500 products. We are constantly seeking new and improved products to expand both our product range (now well over 27,000 lines) and customer base which at present is in excess of 1,700 Australia wide and includes the Asia Pacific region.

LR Instruments range supplies to wholesalers & hospitals who provide  our range to a broad range of medical disciplines including: general medical practices, universities and private training colleges, laboratories, aged care, podiatry, first aid, science, dental, veterinary, nursing agencies, school education, private and public hospitals, defence force, emergency services, physiotherapy and private individuals.

  • General Medical Products including Nursing Accessories, Sphygmomanometry (Blood Pressure), Stethoscopes, Resuscitation & Respiratory, Medical Cases and Bags, and Nebuliser Pumps
  • CSSD Products
  • Surgical Instruments of varying grades, including  Ophthalmics
  • Stainless Steel ware (Hospital Grade)
  • and Fashion Scrubs

LR Instruments diverse product range ensures the ability to offer alternate like products across many areas of the range. This provides the ability to cater to clients’ needs, product demands and budgetary requirements accordingly. LR Instruments also has the ability, due to the broad range, to supply larger groups of products and assist with increasing purchasing needs. LR Instruments identify needs within the ever-changing medical market and source improvements or new products to ensure continual product improvement.