mattteo is manufacturer of intelligent storage systems for hospitals. We realise real-time communication-, detection- & traceability systems for goods, objects and devices. ​New technologies like RFID, RTLS, Wi-Fi and ZigBee are used in combination with our MODUL-iT ISO modular storage system. We produce RFID solutions for real-time stock management and intelligent cabinets with real-time item level stock management & traceability. We ​make​ also the ISO modular cart system MODU-FLEX, a 100% modular and flexible system with endless possibilities. All these products are developed and produced by mattteo for an optimal material management. We can equip all departments in the hospitals with our solutions.

mattteo = MAke Things Talk To Each Other
When you want to improve your logistic organisation, thenmattteo is your partner. We provide clair and straight to the point consultancy with direct results.