Ropimex Privacy Screen Swing-Out Telescopic Screens

Paragon Care presents Ropimex Privacy Screen Swing-Out Telescopic Screens, the privacy screen with telescopic arms that fold out from the wall to divide two areas, and folds back and out of the way when not needed.

Watch the video below, read the transcript, and follow the links at the end for more information or to download the brochure.


The Ropimex Swing-out Telescopic Screens feature an innovative design, creating a telescopic screen that’s only there when it’s needed.

With a wall mount system using a single bracket, it’s easy to install and applicable to all healthcare environments, from medical rooms to healthcare clinics, hospitals, and aged care.

The screen simply folds out from the wall to divide two areas, its telescopic arms reaching up to 2.2 metres. And when the division is no longer needed, the screen simply folds away back towards the wall.

The Ropimex comes in several different styles: telescopic, fold-down telescopic, or for cubical applications. The telescopic screen comes in a wide range of colours and sizes, with the option of disposable curtains.

Due to the design, the Ropimex is an extremely economical system, and it doesn’t interfere with other equipment that is ceiling mounted, such as patient hoists and IV systems. That makes it one of the simplest, easiest, and most attractive screen systems available today.


Download a brochure on the Ropimex Privacy Screen Swing-Out Telescopic Screens.

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