Bariatric Surgical Instruments


Axis Health have a large range of Bariatric surgical instruments designed to assist in challenging surgeries.

Bariatric Surgical Instruments

Nopa Instruments offer a full line of high quality longer laparoscopic and open surgical instruments for bariatric patients and surgery, including a variety of patterns of needle holders, scissors, forceps, clamps and suction tubes in varied length for deep access. Hand-held and self-retaining retractor systems with deeper, wider blades for optimal exposure are also offered.

These longer-length instruments are available in many patterns with lengths of up to 36 cm, for improved reach in bariatric patients. The instruments are made in Germany using the finest German stainless steel.

Listed below is a small range of Bariatric surgical instruments from Nopa Instruments. Axis Health carry other brands like Liberty, Lawton and LRI. Please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance with brand options.


Product Options

  • AA110/36 – Spencer-Wells Artery Forceps Straight 36cm
  • AA200/36 – Rochester-Pean Artery Forceps Straight 36cm
  • AA201/36 – Rochester-Pean Artery Forceps Curved 36cm
  • AA210/36 – Ochsner-Kocher Artery Forceps Straight 36cm
  • AB050/36 – Standard Dressing Forceps Straight 36cm
  • AB060/36 – Standard Tissue Forceps 1×2 T Straight 36cm
  • AB416/36 – Singley-Tuttle Grasping Forceps 36cm
  • AB866/36 – De Bakey Non-traumatic Vascular Tissue Forceps Straight 3.5mm 36cm
  • AC941/36 – Metzenbaum Scissors Tungsten Carbide Curved Blunt/Blunt 36cm
  • AE113/36 – Heaney Needle Holder Curved 36cm
  • AE400/36 – Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 36cm
  • AE471/36 – Crile-Wood Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide Curved 36cm
  • AE471/36B – Crilewood Needle Holder Double Box-Lock Tungsten Carbide Curved 36cm
  • AF200/36 – Foerster-Ballenger Sponge Holding Forceps Straight Serrated 36cm
  • AF201/36 – Foerster-Ballenger Sponge Holding Forceps Curved Serrated 36cm
  • KD055/36 – Allis tissue Seizing Forceps 5×6 Teeth 36cm
  • ZS910/36 – Abdominoperineal Resection Set