Clinipak Millennium Blue Tray Liners


This 40g/m2 viscose based dry laid liner is ideal for smaller trays and where economy is important. The absorbent qualities assist in the spread of condensate during autoclaving and help achieve dry packs during processing. Being very light in weight it will normally be used inside the tray as illustrated.

Please Note: The Clinipak millennium blue tray liners are not suitable for use in a sterrad hydrogen peroxide steriliser. This product is a single-use item.

Features & Benefits

  • Conforms extremely well to tray contours – easy to handle
  • Lightweight and very easy to use
  • 100% Viscose based dry laid product
  • A similar absorbency to super soft soaker sheets but made of a lighter material
  • Matt blue finish to minimise glare
  • Ideal for medical use


Product Options

  • CMILB002 – Millennium Blue Tray Liner 310 x 410 mm (PK 1000)
  • CMILB004 – Millennium Blue Tray Liner 240 x 250 mm (PK 2400)
  • CMILB005 – Millennium Blue Tray Liner 250 x 500 mm (PK 1200)
  • CMILB012 – Millennium Blue Tray Liner 180 x 280 mm (PK 2000)
  • CMILB016 – Millennium Blue Tray Liner 450 x 610 mm (PK 1000)
  • CMILB019 – Millennium Blue Tray Liner 305 x 305 mm (PK 2000)
  • CMILB020 – Millennium Blue Tray Liner 500 x 500 mm (PK 1000)