Clinipak Point Protectors


Point Protectors: for protecting chisels and other sharp instruments during sterilistion, transportation and storage

Needle & Point Protectors

  • Needle Protectors: for protecting fine sharp instruments such as verres needles, silver probes, nettleship dilators and aspirating needles.
  • Point Protectors: for protecting chisels and other sharp instruments during sterilisation, transportation and storage

Transparent Point Protectors

  • Patented see-through tip protector. Fully autoclavable and suitable for plasma and ethylene oxide sterilisation. Can be used in a variety of ways
  • Material: Clear, unbleached polypropylene film containing no chlorine or halogens and therefore totally chlorine free (TCF). Contains no CFC, and does not release harmful chemicals if burned


Product Options

  • CPPT001 – Point Protectors 15mm Wide (BX 2,000)
  • CPPT002 – Point Protectors 15mm Wide (BX 1,000)
  • CPPT003 – Point Protectors 30mm Wide (BX 2,000)
  • CPPT004 – Point Protectors 30mm Wide (BX 1,000)
  • CPPT005 – Needle Protectors (BX 2,000)
  • CPPT006 – Needle Protectors (BX 1,000)
  • CPPT007C – Transparent Point Protectors 15mm Wide (BX 200)
  • CPPT008C – Transparent Point Protectors 30mm Wide (BX 200)