Clinipak Transportation Dry Cover Bags


All transportation wraps are also available in a bag format in which wrapped trays can be effortlessly inserted. Clinipak transportation cover bags are closed using the provided lip and fastened with autoclave tape.

Features & Benefits

  • Incredible strength with optional dry layer
  • A new outer bag manufactured from a very strong spun polypropylene with an additional absorbent surface
  • The final development for optimum protection from dust, moisture and handling whilst providing an absorbent inner layer for the dispersion of condensate during the autoclaving process
  • All cover bags have a 90 mm fold over lip


Product Options

  • CTCOVERDRY001 – Purple Transportation Dry Cover Bag, Size 400 x 700mm (PK200)
  • CTCOVERDRY002 – Purple Transportation Dry Cover Bag, Size 500 x 700mm (PK200)
  • CTCOVERDRY003 – Purple Transportation Dry Cover Bag, Size 600 x 700mm (PK200)
  • CTCOVER001 – Purple Transportation Cover Bag, Size 400 x 700 x 90mm (Lip) (PK200)
  • CTCOVER002 – Purple Transportation Cover Bag, Size 500 x 700 x 90mm (Lip) (PK200)
  • CTCOVER003 – Purple Transportation Cover Bag, Size 600 x 700 x 90mm (Lip) (PK100)