Broda Elite Tilt Reclining Chair


A dramatically superior repositioning chair that provides exceptional resident comfort while reducing the time and effort required of caregivers.

An ideal solution for residents with Huntingtons Disease, or severe agitation, is the HSP Padding package upgrade. It offers additional support and protection, keeping the resident safe and comfortable.

With up to 90 degrees of infinitely adjustable back recline, you can accommodate hyperextension, change incontinence products without transferring from the chair, improve comfort, or achieve a true Trendelenburg position. In the very same chair you can solve your residents problems with slumping and sliding without the use of restraints.

With up to 45 degrees of infinitely adjustable seat tilt, containment issues and upper body positioning problems become a thing of the past.
The tilt in space design allows for infinite positioning in a constant amount of space. The articulating leg rest extends while reclining the chair, preventing the need for adjustment of the footrest, to accommodate the residents positioning.