Famos Batch Labelling Gun

CODE: F15.400.250

Two Line Label Gun for Famos batch stickers.

Very reliable labelling device is specially developed for Famos double labels, for marking of packages and containers.

Famos label gun can print a range of 5 different modes of data on the label i.e Steriliser type, steriliser number, lot number, packing and expiry date with its alphanumeric print head.

Features & Benefits

  • Type of sterilisation: e.g. Steam
  • Number of steriliser
  • Lot number
  • Personal code for releasing the Lot
  • Date of sterilisation
  • Expiry date


Product Options

  • F15.400.250 – Famos Batch Labelling Gun
  • F15.500.520 – Double Label 100 x 35 mm 1 Roll (1000 Labels)
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Rolls