Famos F108 Protec Series Heat Sealer


The F108 series 2015 is available in three models: F108 2015, F108TX 2015 and F108TX-P 2015. The F108 2015 is the most basic model in this series while the F108TX 2015 and F108TX-P 2015 are more advanced.

The F108TX 2015 and F108TX-P 2015 both have an automatic transport start and a reverse transportation feature which ensures safety and prevents instruments from getting damaged. Both models are also equipped with another safety feature that stops the machine from sealing when there is a temperature difference of 5°C in regard to the set temperature and the temperature that is actually being measured. Furthermore, they are equipped with a production counter with audible alarm.

The F108TX-P 2015 is equipped with parameter control which is a unique feature which entails the constant monitoring of the three seal parameters temperature, speed and force. This model is also equipped with a RS232 port and a USB module. When a USB drive is connected to the module, a log will be made of the parameters of each seal. This log file can be read out on a pc and can be imported into an external parameter monitoring program which allows the user to view and monitor the parameters real time.

For the F108TX-P an ethernet converter (RS232 to ethernet) is available as an option. This allows the user to connect multiple sealers to a pc or to work with the sealer in a network environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Hygienic and innovative design
  • Completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Parameter control and USB module
  • RS232 serial communication port
  • Conveniently arranged LCD display and keyboard control

Famos heat sealers are widely known for their trustworthiness, solid seal and operational reliability and are TÜV tested and CE-certified. Each Famos heat sealer is made of stainless steel which reduces maintenance to a minimum and offers the best solution as far as hygiene and infection control is concerned.

The F108TX-P 2015 has an accurate sealing temperature setting by means of a keyboard which has a LCD display with excellent visual read out. It is equipped with an automatic transport start and a reverse transportation feature which ensures safety and prevents instruments from being damaged. In addition the F108TX-P 2015 is equipped with a “ln-Process check” to measure the most vital seal parameters, which are:

  • Temperature
  • Sealing Speed
  • Force

(The values of these three parameters are continuously monitored for each and every seal that is made by this machine).

The F108TX-P 2015 is equipped with a RS232 port and a USB-module located at the back of the machine. When a USB drive is being connected to the module, a log will be made of the parameters of each seal. This log file can be read out on a pc and can be imported into an external parameter monitoring program which allows the user to view and monitor the parameters real time.


  • Front table with a flat surface
  • Roller front table

Both front tables provide a supporting platform for the packaging material when sealing. The rollers guide heavy packaging more easily through the heat sealer and prevent the heavy weight from causing bad seals.


Product Options

  • F108TX-P Famos 2015 F108TX-P Rotary Heat Sealer with USB Module 220VAC 50Hz
  • F30.200.040 Front Table for F108 Series
  • F30.100.047 Roller Front Table for F108 Series