Famos F220 Protec Series Heat Sealer


Famos has completely redesigned its heat sealers which has resulted in the PROTEC Sealers. The PROTEC units have been redesigned completely with an innovative design while retaining the same reliability and high quality as always.

PROTEC has been derived from the word “protect” and symbolises the high level of protection that is created by the seal made with the PROTEC sealers. PROTEC also stands for the progression that has been made by using technology and state of the art components.

According to ISO 11607-2 the sealing process needs to be validated. For this purpose Famos has implemented parameter control in the F220 PROTEC series which is a unique feature which entails the constant monitoring of the three seal parameters temperature, speed and force. These parameters are being checked with every single seal and in case one of these parameters is incorrect, the machine will give the operator a warning and stops sealing. An external software program is available which allows the user to view and monitor the parameters real time on a pc. The data will be stored so the user can always look back at previously made seals. When a USB drive is being connected to the USB module, a log will be made of the parameters of each seal. This log file can be read out on a pc and can be imported into the external parameter monitoring program which is supplied by Famos.

The Ethernet connection allows the user to connect multiple sealers into a network environment and monitor the parameters on a central place.

Features & Benefits

  • Hygienic and innovative design
  • Completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Parameter control and USB module
  • RS232 serial communication port
  • Conveniently arranged LCD display and keyboard control

The F220 PROTEC series consists of two models: F220DEP and F220DBC. Both models of the F220 PROTEC series are equipped with an automatic transport start, a reverse transportation feature and a production counter with alarm. The machines are also equipped with an internal printer which can print the packing date, expiry date, code, texts and barcodes on the packaging. They are also equipped with a RS232 port which allows the sealers to be connected to a pc to program texts, read-out parameters with the external monitoring software and update the machine with the newest software releases.

The F220DEP and F220DBC are equipped with parameter control, and a USB module. An ethernet connection is available as an option. The F220DBC can work with many instrument traceability systems which generate the barcode and other data that needs to be printed on the packaging. Unlike the F110 PROTEC series the F220 PROTEC Series is equipped with a large built-in LCD display, it is equipped with a service menu which shows when the next maintenance is due, the printing sequence can be changed, 4 expiry times can be pre-set and a total of 3000 texts can be programmed and stored.


  • Front table with a flat surface
  • Roller front table

Both front tables provide a supporting platform for the packaging material when sealing. The rollers guide heavy packaging more easily through the heat sealer and prevent the heavy weight from causing bad seals.


Product Options

  • F30.100.600 Famos F220DEP Protec Rotary Heat Sealer Rib Seal
  • F30.100.601 Famos F220DEP Protec Rotary Heat Sealer Flat Seal
  • F30.100.608 Famos F220DBC Protec Rotary Heat Sealer Rib Seal
  • F30.100.609 Famos F220DBC Protec Rotary Heat Sealer Flat Seal
  • F30.100.619 Roller Front Table for F110 /F220 Protec Series
  • F30.100.626 Front Table for F110 / F220 Protec Series