Famos Lot Control Tests

CODE: F15.100.0**

Sterilisation Monitoring

Lot Control Test sets are for STEAM/ ETO/ FO Sterilisers.

The Lot Control Test Sets are all based upon Helix type of Process Challenging Devices (PCD´s) in which an integrating chemical indicator is placed. Since 2005, and highly recommended by international organizations like the Dutch RIVM and German Robert Koch Institute, the Lot Control Test Set is used by many customers today to check sterilisation conditions and parameters within each cycle/batch.

These Lot Control Test Sets are giving an earlier detection of Non-Condensable gases, vacuum failures and proving steam penetration in Hollow devices as Helix PCD’s are simulating hollow instruments with narrow lumen. Lot Control Test Sets are available for a variety of steam sterilisation cycles as well as Ethylene-Oxide and Formaldehyde processes.

As the Bowie-Dick Simulation Test is a once-a-day test, performed in an empty autoclave, a lot control test should be used with each batch and documented. The Lot Control Test, by means of a test tube with small lumen, simulates the sterilisation of goods which are difficult to penetrate. Instant results by examining the colour control indicator, means the whole batch can be released immediately after sterilisation. Easy to disassemble polypropylene housing which enables quick checking of batch results without waiting to cool.

Features & Benefits

  • Indicators comply to ISO 11140 Class 5
  • Non reversible indicator
  • Cost effective test and environmentally friendly
  • Indicators tested by an external laboratory
  • SASCI compatible
  • Detection of non-condensable gases and vacuum failures
  • Simulation of hollow instruments with narrow lumen and detection of maximum steam penetration
  • Accurate and reproducible results
  • Easy documentation of the self adhesive indicator strip
  • Best interpretation of color change
  • Ink is free of any toxic component

Available for:

  • Steam 134°C / 3,5 min
  • Steam 134°C / 5,3 min
  • Steam 134°C / 7,0 min
  • Steam 134°C / 18,0 min (prion)


Product Options

  • F15.100.091 Famos Lot Control Test Starter Kit (PK 25)
  • F15.100.090L Famos Lot Control Test Refill Pack (PK 100)