Hausted Converge Multi-purpose Treatment & Examination Stretcher


The Hausted Converge Stretcher is a multiple position, mobile stretcher for use in obstetrical/gynecological applications.

  • Can be adjusted to numerous positions between fully supine and upright chair
  • Combines features and functions to create a versatile multi-purpose treatment and exam stretcher
  • Easily converts to a full range of stretcher and chair configurations
  • Built-in, self storing heel stirrups for OB/GYN applications are standard equipment
  • The electric powered model features electric controls that provide safety and convenience for the patient and care provider
  • The hydraulic model features hands-free foot pedals located at both sides of the easy-to-clean base
  • The pedals control height adjustment as well as 20 degree Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg positioning