Mobile Nurse Station Carelink M48 XP Medication Cart


The world’s first Mobile Nurse Station.

This next generation of mobile technology connects the most pressing concerns of IT integration with the extensive needs of modern healthcare administrators to enhance patient care.  Future-proof design provides a universal power system and the ability to easily upgrade to medication administration without purchasing a new cart.

Spend more time with Patients

Connecting IT and nursing in ways never before possible, CareLink is taking mobile computing to the next level, with connections, shortcuts and resources right at your fingertips.

Saves time – Reduce time wasting activities and increase time spent with patients

  • Communication tools – On-board calculator enables bedside computations.
  • Work surface expands for additional workspace.
  • Multiple drawer configurations address specific needs.
  • Electronic lift – Save personalized preferences, such as seated and standing heights, through a fleet wide memory system
  • Battery life icon – Easy-to-read battery status icon indicates the exact amount of uptime remaining
  • External USB Ports and Onboard Calculator – Easily access tools and power without removing the work surface

Easier to move – Improved manoeuvrability and ergonomics assist with workflow and decrease patient disruptions

  • N-Stride™ Steering Control – By locking a front caster, users can easily navigate halls and turn corners without unnecessary strain
  • 2-Position Handles and 5″ Casters – Ergonomically designed handles provide additional user comfort, while larger casters help cross thresholds and manoeuvre over carpet
  • Additional Lighting Options – 3 lighting options assist with navigating and working in darkened areas without disrupting patients
  • Height-Adjustable Rotating Monitor – Easy-to-move adjustable monitor helps ensure proper ergonomics to both prevent injury and promote sharing of information with patients

Intelligent platform – Help clinicians focus on patient care with an intuitive, flexible platform designed to avoid obsolescence. The CareLink Mobile Nursing Station is equipped with onboard computer functionality to transmit cart data and user information to keep your fleet running at optimal performance. CareLink provides a secure, versatile connection between the IT and nursing staff.

  • Individual Preference Settings – Personal settings are saved and transferred to all carts
  • Software-Based Platform – Out-of-the-box software requires no installation or maintenance on hospital servers
  • Flexible to Meet Changing Needs – Future-proof design provides a universal power system and ability to easily upgrade to medication administration without purchasing a new cart
  • Proactive Fleet Management – Independent fleet management software allows for remote configuration and upgrades, asset monitoring and utilization, and cart locators without accessing the EMR or hospital servers.

For more information please download the Axis Health POC Workstations brochure below or visit Rubbermaid/Capsa HERE