Broda Elite Midline Tilt Recliner Chair


The Midline Chair is an excellent choice for a full positioning chair. With up to 38º of seat tilt and up to 90º of back recline, the Midline offers an infinite range of positioning options for resident comfort. The full positioning capabilities of the chair help reduce time and effort required of caregivers. Residents can socialize, eat and take a nap all in one chair.

Ideal For:

  • Mid to heavy level skilled care who require full positioning
  • General resident seating with cylinder lock (for semi recline)
  • Hospice Care
  • Acute Care

With up to 90 degrees of infinitely adjustable back recline, you can accommodate hyperextension, change incontinence products without transferring from the chair, and improve comfort. In the very same chair you can solve your resident’ s problems with slumping and sliding without the use of restraints.

With up to 38 degrees of infinitely adjustable seat tilt, containment issues and upper body positioning problems become a thing of the past. The tilt in space design allows for infinite positioning in a constant amount of space.

Ideal for various users, especially hospice care. The Midline accommodates various patients which is ideal for hospice or hospital settings.
The use for multiple patients is accommodated by: Adjustable Seat Height / Adjustable Arm Height / Full Recline or option of semi recline for full positioning options.