PATSLIDE Slimline Patient Transfer Board


The PATSLIDE Patient-Transfer board lets one or two staff members move a dependent patient from one surface to another with very little effort. No lifting, pulling or disruption of sheets. This lightweight patient roller will even transfer the patient up to a height of 75mm (e.g. from a bed to an uneven stretcher).

When you consider the number of patient transfers made daily and the error involved, a PATSLIDE becomes an essential part of hospital equipment in Wards, Casualty, Operating Theatres, Radiology, in fact anywhere that speed and ease of operation is needed.

PATSLIDE not only makes the job easier and safer, but also reduces the risk of injury to nursing staff when transferring patients. The distress and discomfort that patients can experience when being transferred is also eliminated.


Product Ordering

  • AXPATSLIDE – Patslide Slimline Patient Transfer Board 1400x4800mm