Podiatry Surgical Instruments


Axis Health have a large range of Podiatry surgical instruments designed to assist in routine treatments including nail nippers, nail splitters, rasps, pliers, cuticle cutters, probes and files.

Podiatry Surgical Instruments

Podiatry is the study, diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity.

Podiatrist or chiropodist is a specialised foot doctor who deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. The conditions podiatrists treat include those resulting from bone and joint disorders such as arthritis and soft-tissue and muscular pathologies, as well as neurological and circulatory disease.

Listed below is a small range of Podiatry surgical instruments from Liberty Health. Axis Health carry other brands like Nopa, Lawton and LRI. Please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance with brand options.

Podiatry Surgical Instruments - Podiatry Plier Compound Action Curved Blade 16cm LCPCA   Podiatry Surgical Instruments - Cuticle-Cutter   Podiatry Surgical Instruments - Plier-Curved-Blade LCPSS14


Product Options

  • LLE – Podiatry Lock Elevator
  • LPN1FE – Podiatry Probe No. 1 Flat End
  • LPSNCE – Podiatry Probe Swan Neck Cup End
  • LPSNFE – Podiatry Probe Swan Neck Flat End
  • LCPCN – Cuticle Cutter 11cm
  • LCPSS14 – Plier Curved Blade 14cm
  • LCPSB14 – Plier Straight Blade 14cm
  • LCPNH16 – Plier Straight Blade Narrow Head 16cm
  • LCPTN11 – Plier Tissue Nipper 11cm
  • LCPTN13 – Plier Tissue Nipper 13cm
  • LNSAP – Nail Splitter Anvil Pattern 13.5cm
  • LCPCA – Plier Compound Action Curved Blade 16cm
  • LSO016 – Spring Only for Cuticle Cutter (LCPCN)
  • LSO017 – Spring Only for Cuticle Cutter (LCPSS14, LCPSB14)