Wall Cabinet Workstations

CODE: RUBB1799634*

Capsa/Rubbermaid Wall Cabinet Workstations offer users a compact, comfortable and intuitive hallway or bedside solution as either an alternative or complement to a mobile cart environment.

They are designed to provide maximum aesthetic flexibility and best-in-class performance. Featuring an advanced keyless entry system, exceptional serviceability, and a compact, visually appealing appearance, Wall Cabinet Workstations are an ideal solution for clinical documentation in patient rooms and hallways.

Capsa/Rubbermaid Wall Cabinets are designed to promote a professional appearance specific to the healthcare environment with a wide variety of finish selections to choose from. Our products are easy to use with improved ergonomic positioning of the keyboard and monitor, a large work surface and mousing area and an integrated task light.

Clinical Presence – Designed to promote a professional appearance specific to healthcare with industry leading finish selection.

  • Replaceable panels ensure the premium appearance is maintained long after installation.
  • Standard and Special Order finishes cover a wide range of decor
  • Compact design limits space requirements
  • Smooth surfaces, including PIN Code Lock membrane, are easy to clean for improved infection control
  • Dedicated cable management channels conceal cables
  • Special finishes provide a visually pleasing look and feel

Usability – Clinician interaction with the product is improved through ergonomic positioning of the keyboard and monitor. The addition of a work surface, large mousing area and integrated task light makes this the most user friendly workstation on the market

  • Generous 52.1 cm (W) x 25.4 cm (D) dedicated work surface for paperwork, supplies, and medications
  • Auto on/off Task Light to reduce visual strain and for night-time use
  • Keyboard drawer extension with integrated wrist rest reduces strain
  • Communicate information with the integrated hospital-grade Write Board
  • Unique user codes make secure access to EMR simple
  • Extra Large Right/Left Mouse pads provide ample space for point and click software applications
  • Generous work surface helps with medication preparation

Support requirements – Capsa/Rubbermaid Wall Cabinets ship assembled and are engineered to reduce cost of ownership through minimal installation requirements and serviceability

Easy to Install – Product arrives assembled and ready to install in 2 easy steps

  • Mounting plate with marked measurements simplifies installation

Easy to Integrate technology

  • Technology may be integrated in a central location for drop-on installation
  • Dual USB Extenders to keyboard drawer for mouse and keyboard reduces integration time
  • Technology box has 3-outlet hospital grade power strip

Easy to maintain

  • End-User access to CPU power eliminates unnecessary trouble tickets
  • Top and bottom panels and the exterior frame are field replaceable to address unsightly dings and dents
  • Secure CPU storage with a single key for easy fleet management
  • Set the cabinet to automatically log the clinician off the software application or go to screen saver when the door is closed

For more information please download the brochure or visit Capsa Healthcare HERE


423 Product Options

  • RUBBFG9C3600423 – 423 Wall Cabinet Workstation Base
  • RUBBFG9C3600423L – 423 Wall Cabinet Workstation Locking

Colour Options

  • RUBBFG9C36FPCP – 423 Chocolate Pear Finish
  • RUBBFG9C36FPSO – 423 Solar Oak Finish
  • RUBBFG9C36FPNM – 423 Natural Maple Finish
  • RUBBFG9C36FPBC – 423 Blossom Cherry Finish


430 Product Options

  • RUBB1799627 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Base
  • RUBB1799629 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Auto Retract
  • RUBB1799628 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Locking
  • RUBB1799631 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Auto Retract Locking
  • RUBB1799630 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Height Adjusting
  • RUBB1799632 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Locking Height Adjusting
  • RUBB1799633 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Auto Retract Height Adjusting
  • RUBB1799634 – 430 Wall Cabinet Workstation Auto Retract Locking Height Adjusting

Colour Options

  • RUBB1799635 – 430 Chocolate Pear Finish
  • RUBB1799636 – 430 Solar Oak Finish
  • RUBB1799637 – 430 Natural Maple Finish
  • RUBB1799638 – 430 Blossom Cherry Finish