Attest Standard Biological Indicator 48 Hour
3M Health Care

Attest Standard Biological Indicator 48 Hour

Product Code: 3M1262P



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The 3M Attest Steam Biological Indicator 1262P is a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring the effectiveness of steam sterilization processes.
This self-contained biological indicator is designed for use in both vacuum-assisted and gravity displacement sterilization cycles, providing accurate results within 48 hours.
Specifically designed to monitor the steam sterilization process
Biological indicator vials provide a visual colour readout within 48 hours, allowing for easy interpretation of the sterilization cycle's effectiveness
Self-contained design significantly reduces the possibility of contamination
Consistent monitoring with these indicators provides confidence in the sterilization process
Box of 25 biological indicators
Suitable for both vacuum-assisted (132�C) and gravity displacement (121�C) steam sterilization cycles
Results available within 48 hours
Biological Indicator for steam 270xF/132xC vacuum assisted or 250xF/121xC gravity displacement sterilization cycles, 48 hour readout, Brown cap, (25/box)

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