Buffalo ViroVac 220 Smoke Evacuation System

Buffalo ViroVac 220 Smoke Evacuation System

Product Code: CMLVV220



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Surgical Smoke Evacuator
ViroVac surgical smoke plume evacuator provides ideal flow for general practice, skin cancer clinics and day surgeries. It combines customisable (variable) filter life, a compact shelf design, 3-port filter with filter life tracking technology, while exceeding expectations for value and efficacy.
Compact Design, Allows for easy placement on shelf or counter and accommodates stackability
Patented 3-Port Filter Design, Versatile 3-port filter design features covered, hidden male ports and accommodates a variety of tubing sizes providing versatility in procedure and accessory setup
Variable Filter Life (up to 35 hours), Delivers unsurpassed value and reduces per procedure costs
Filter Tracking Technology, Automatically tracks and records filter life through a patented technology
Simple LED Display, Two button design (motor speed and on/standby) makes this system extremely easy to operate
Quiet Operation

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