Comply Steam Chemical Indicator Strips
3M Health Care

Comply Steam Chemical Indicator Strips

Product Code: 3M1250


For use in all steam sterilisers. Long stripe of chemical indicator ink printed on perforated-style strip. Allows full- or half-length use for different pack sizes. Utilises distinct colour change to indicate process results. Indicator changes colour from white to dark brown/black when exposed to steam sterilisation conditions.
Strip turns dark once processed
Long indicator ink strip for a wide area of monitoring
Monitors all 121 degrees C and 134 degrees C gravity and vacuum-assisted steam sterilisation cycles
An ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005 Class 4 Chemical Indicator used to determine whether the sterilization process conditions were met inside each pack. Can be used in all 250-273xF steam sterilization cycles.

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