Dermlite DL100 Handheld

Dermlite DL100 Handheld

Product Code: EPMDL100



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15mm lens provides 10 times magnification
Quick and easy to use
Requires no skin compression to see vessels and BCC blush more clearly
Does not require oil
Pocket-sized for portability
Battery included
This handheld DERMLITE DL100 dermascope is a no oil pocket dermascope that detects early melanoma with enhanced visualisation of pigmented skin lesions. The vascular patterns can be seen more easily with DermLite DL100 compared to other hand-held dermatoscopes, since the vessels are not missed because of the glass-slide compression. To ensure continuous skin examination, DermLite's battery durability measures over 1200 lesion examinations per battery due to its diode lighting technology and long-life lithium power.

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