Hausted ESC2 Ophthalmology Platform

Hausted ESC2 Ophthalmology Platform



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Hausted ESC2 Ophthalmology Platform

  • Patented articulating head rest with infinite positioning
  • Contoured, multi-density pad with dura-gel insert for greater patient comfort
  • Integrated powered leg extensions for taller patients
  • Superior surgeon leg clearance
  • Smart caster technology with auto braking and advanced steering for improved patient and staff safety
  • Low profile base for smaller spaces and greater clearance
  • Counter rotating side rails with urethane comfort arm rests for improved patient safety and comfort
  • Two position foot rest for patient comfort and safety
  • Industry Leading Height Range – 20 to 40 inches (51 to 102 cm) for greater procedure flexibility
  • Wider patient surface – 26 inches (66cm) for enhanced patient comfort and safety
  • Integrated ergonomic push handles for increased staff safety

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