IV Pressure Infusion Bag- 1000 ml

IV Pressure Infusion Bag- 1000 ml

Product Code: EP83200000


Pressure infusion devices are an essential item in any hospital. Designed for daily use in theatre, intensive care and emergency vehicles, the reusable ERKA Infusion Cuffs offer sophisticated details and efficient handling. The material used a polyester fabric and nylon is ideally suited for efficient pressure buildup followed by uniform emptying of the infusion bag. The infusion cuff has a quality manometer with an ergonomically shaped ball for rapid pumping. The constant influx of infusion solutions, even in emergency situations, is therefore guaranteed at all times.

As part of the innovative ERKA. Switch 2.0 product family, the pressure infusion cuff Switch 2.0 HPC is specially adapted to the particular conditions of the MRI environment.

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