MELAG Vacuklav 43B Evolution B Class Autoclave with Data Logger

MELAG Vacuklav 43B Evolution B Class Autoclave with Data Logger

Product Code: BIO10083


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The Premium-Evolution Series
The new benchmark for steam sterilisers
Save time and energy - Work efficiently - Document securely
Patented double-jacket technology brings the fastest of operating times
With patented DRYtelligence - intelligent drying for every loading configuration
Documentation, approval and traceability via XXL colour-touch display with intuitive operating interface
Besides the typical MELAG features such as record operating times, intuitive operating concept, integrated documentation and approval, the steam sterilisers of the new Evolution series offer a range of unique innovations, which can only be developed in this perfection by a specialist for practice hygiene and instrument decontamination. The focus of the new Evolution series is the combination of even shorter operating times and thus faster instrument availability and energy savings.
Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution and Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution:
'plug and play' technology at its best
These steam sterilisers have a patented air-cooling system, which makes them real 'stand alone' steam sterilisers, since they only need to be connected to an electrical outlet for operation. But, of course, all four devices can be connected to a water treatment unit for the direct supply of demineralised water.
Supplied with CF card
Optional printer
Includes 6 trays
Vacuklav 43B+ Evolution model specifications:
Stand Alone Unit
45cm long x 25cm diameter
Chamber volume: 23 litres
Loading Quantity: 9kg instruments; 2.5kg textiles
Dimensions: 46 x 50 x 68cm (Height incl display 56cm) feet fit on 65cm benchtop
Weight: 66kg
15Amp power point is required
For full specifications download the product brochure
Made in Germany

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