NCA360 5Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergent

NCA360 5Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergent

Product Code: HWANCA360



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Made in accordance with AS4187 & ISO15883 to ensure that all bacteria within the washing systems are eliminated with precision, the 360 has been formulated as a mild alkaline solution that breaks up water tension within the washing systems within seconds. This allows easy access for chemicals to attack bacteria from the inside, destroying the cells of the organism within a 60 second time period.
The alkaline content from the 360 solution also breaks through oxidation barriers on instruments, allowing a level of protection coating for the metal, increasing the lifespan of the instrument and preventing it from corrosion. NCA laboratories have formulated the 360 solution to be used in both the manual scrubbing as well as the ultrasonic. It can also be used on benches within the CSSD as a disinfectant, removing and destroying bacteria, which neutral detergent cannot do. With no toxic or aerobic effects to the end user, this power agent is the generation of detergent, providing the scientific strength and chemical formulation of infection control in the 21st century. Made, formulated and manufactured in Australia.
Scrubbing agent
Cold Steri
Impression disinfectant (No more than 60 seconds)
8ml makes 1L of solution

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