NebEasy Jet Nebuliser Mask & Tubing - Adult

NebEasy Jet Nebuliser Mask & Tubing - Adult

Product Code: 3569



- Image for reference only. Goods supplied may vary from those illustrated due to continual improvements and/or regulation changes.

- Highly efficient jet style small volume nebulizer reduces the amount of time needed for therapy with better nebulization
- Significantly quieter than most existing small volume nebulizers
- Nebulizer works in upright or angled position without compromising its efficiency
- 15cm tube reservoir to minimize the temporarily store the nebulization prior to inhalation
- DEHP-Free and Latex-Free material to minimize the risk of skin irritation

- Particle Size (MMAD): 3.8 µm
- Gas Flow Rate: 0.25 ml/min
- Reservoir Volume: 6 ml

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