Omron HEM-907 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor Kit

Omron HEM-907 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor Kit

Product Code: DAVHEM907KIT



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Accurate and reliable
Complies with AAMI* standards for accuracy in automatic blood pressure measurement
Easy for operation and training
With advanced fuzzy logic technology, the HEM-907 determines ideal cuff inflation level based on patient arm size and blood pressure fluctuation. Simple push button operation and automatic deflation speed makes training clinical staff fast and easy
Dual measurement mode
AUTO Mode: the oscillometric measurement method
Cuff automatically inflates to the optimal pressure according to patient's condition
MANU Mode: the auscultation measurement method, using a stethoscope
The unit measures blood pressure with the use of a stethoscope
Quiet, ideal for clinical environment
The HEM-907 operates quietly reducing stress on patients and clinical staff; perfect for night time use by your patient's bedside
Kit Includes: Small, Medium and Large Cuff and Bladder, 1.3m Tubing, Plastic Connector, AC Adaptor and Battery Pack
2-Year Warranty on Unit, 1-Year Warranty for Kit items
Omron Sphygmomanometer HEM-907 Kit compiles with AAMI standards for accurate and automatic measurement of blood pressure. Integrated with the fuzzy logic technology, HEM-907 easily determines the perfect cuff inflation level entirely based on the fluctuation of blood pressure and the arm size of the patient. Features like automatic deflation and push button operation make clinical staff training easier. It is a highly preferred device as it operates quietly and is ideal for use at night. HEM-907 Kit is integrated with dual measurement modes including automatic and manual mode. In automatic mode, the cuff automatically inflates to an optimal level according to the patient's condition. In manual mode, the device measures helps blood pressure with the use of a stethoscope.

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