Steam Test Kit- Class 6, 250 Pack
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Steam Test Kit- Class 6, 250 Pack

Product Code: F15.100.067



- Image for reference only. Goods supplied may vary from those illustrated due to continual improvements and/or regulation changes.

The Lot Control Test Sets are all based upon Helix type of Process Challenging Devices (PCDs) in which an integrating chemical indicator is placed. This test simulates the worst case scenario and can be used for steam sterilization.

Available for:
- Steam 134°C / 3,5 min
- Steam 134°C / 5,3 min
- Steam 134°C / 7,0 min
- Steam 134°C / 18,0 min (prion)

The Lot Control Test set has following advantages:
- Detection of non-condensable gases and vacuum failures
- Simulation of hollow instruments with narrow lumen and detection of maximum steam penetration
- Accurate and reproducible results
- Easy documentation of the self adhesive indicator strip
- Best interpretation of color change
- No waste like with Test Packs
-Ink is free of any toxic component
- Cost effective

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