In2itive Spirometer

In2itive Spirometer

Product Code: 79400


Vitalograph In2itive with Reports PDF Software, with bright colourtouchscreen, stores upto 10,000 patients & results - Hand Held Spirometer.

-Exceptional test accuracy
-Features robust V-Core flowhead measuring technology which offers spirometry testing that is accurate, repeatable, easy to use, and safe.
-ATS/ERS 2019 Technical Standards accuracy compliant.
-Easily Interpreted Results
-Fast evaluation of results with %Predicted comparison, LLN and Z scores.
-Latest GLI predicted sets.
-Real-time flow/volume onscreen graphics.
-Instant test quality feedback.
-Seamless Connectivity
-Vitalograph Connect as standard, enabling bi-directional data exchange
-EMR connectivity, compatible with HL-7 and GDT.
-Multiple connectivity options, including wireless and USB.
-PDF reporting software.
-Testing Versatility:
-Long-life rechargeable battery.
-10,000 test capacity.
-Connected or detached flowhead.
-Lightweight and handheld.
-Hygienically Efficient:
-Low running costs and environmentally friendly: no disposable sensors, turbines, or flow tubes.
-Single-use Vitalograph Bacterial Viral
-Filters (BVF™) with validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%, protect device, patient, and operator.

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